Thanks to sources of free software and tools that are used by BLUEWATER RACING.


The GNU project for emacs and the gcc compiler.

The MinGW project for Windows development environment and C runtime libraries.

Tcl/Tk 8.6

Vector shoreline data from GSHHS: Global Self-consistant Hierarchical High-resolution Geography Database.  Copyright © P. Wessel and W. H. F. Smith.  ( (

The World Port Index database from the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

BLUEWATER icon (Globe-Sextant) © IconDrawer (Eugen Buzuk)

WMO translation tables, W.Ebisuzaki et. al, National Center for Environmental Prediction, NOAA. (wgrib.c).

Waypoint+ file format, © Brent Hildebrand,

GPSBabel for import and export of route files, and for GPS support.  Copyright © 2002-2008 Robert Lipe et al. and,

The National Geophysical Data Center, U.S NOAA, for the World Magnetic Model, WMM.COF, and associated software,

INNO Setup installation software, Copyright © 1997-2008 Jordan Russell.

Naval Research Laboratory Monterey Master Environmental Library for Grib decoder software.  (Unavailable as of January 2010.)

Stuart Cunningham for the BSB decoder library libbsb.

AIS Parser SDK, Copyright (c) 2010-2014, Brian C. Lane, All rights reserved. Github repository.

Expedition and Deckman for sample polar files.

Andy Hamilton, Steve Carton, Simon Garland, Chris Goggin, Bob Zhang, Yves Monbaron, Andrew Gage for helpful comments, bug reports, and debugging assistance.