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Version 2.10 is a substantial rewrite, with greatly expanded facilities for viewing and editing polar files,support for Sailonline format, implicit generation of upwind/downwind targets.  Route manager modified to combine routes and marks into one display tree.  Routing algorithm now uses A-Star heuristic to speed search.  Program internal structure changed to simplify MAC OS native version support.  Program help is now a html file hierarchy in accordance with Mac Help.  Bug optimizing in lakes and ponds fixed.  Grib display configuration changes can be saved.

Versions 1.86, 1.87 bug fixes reading grib files

Version 1.85 Fixes bug with editing new routes.

Version 1.84 More WMO Grib parameters are accepted as surface wind data.

Version 1.83 Upgrade to GSHHG Version 2.4.3.  World Port Index 2015.

Version 1.82 Optimization bug fix.

Version 1.81 World Magnetic Model update

Version 1.80: NMEA interface has been revised to be more robust.

Version 1.76 fixes a bug in the polar manager.

Version 1.75 fixes a bug in multi-leg optimization.

Version 1.74 adds code to handle Gribs with inconsistent header information, in particular, gribs downloaded from Sailflow.

Version 1.73 restores some functionality lost in 1.72 and adds some new functionality.  A "GPS Position" mark will be created automatically when a GPS is connected, assuming this has been selected in the preferences.  Any mark named "GPS Position" will be constantly moved to the current reported GPS position.  A route point can be moved to the current GPS position, using the point edit menu in edit mode.  Users can select whether or not the GPS track is created automatically.

Version 1.72 corrects several bugs.  Fixed bug that would on rare occasions cause the program to route over land.  Fixed bugs that occurred when multiple marks have the same name.  This is permitted, but when a race is saved to a GPX, if two marks with the same name are used as references in route points, then the names will be made unique by appending integers.  The GPS position will no longer be saved in race files as a mark. It disappears when the GPS connection is severed.

Version 1.71 corrects a bug that would cause a "expected floating point but got """ error when opening the route manager with a new route.

Version 1.70 has a rewritten optimizer that runs substantially faster but still computes the same winning routes.  Some additional flexibility in displaying times has also been added.

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