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BLUEWATER RACING is non-commercial software, developed and maintained by Jeffery Westbrook, Ph.D Computer Science. I race as navigator on board a pretty small boat with a pretty small budget. In 2006, as we prepared to race in the 2007 TransPac, I reviewed the commercially available software and discovered it didn’t provide the functionality I wanted, included a bunch of stuff I didn’t want, and cost a lot of money. So I decided to write my own program.  The heart of the software is the performance and optimization calculators, which are based on the classic Dijkstra shortest-path algorithm.

Several people who'd seen the program in action asked for copies, so I figured I might as well make it available to all sailors.  The program is under development at all times, and I will respond to requests for bug fixes and features as time permits. Messing with the program is almost as much fun as actually sailing.

This website was designed and built by Jonathon Westbrook.

Factoid: My Kevin Bacon number is three, because I have an uncredited role in the movie "Master and Commander" as one of the British seamen.  The movie was shot in Ensenada, Mexico, and I was one of a number of San Diego residents hired as extras because they had sailing experience.


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